Friday, July 07, 2006

statement of intent

Look at the emptyness around you. Look at the consumerism, look at the materialism. Look at the apathy of those around you.
Look at the empty hole that it leaves in those around you, look at the empty hole and the nagging feeling in you.
You know better then this don't you, you can see how crazy these modern ideas of infinite economic growth, wars for oil to maintain or consumerist lifestyles and disconnection from our communities really are. Pure crazy.

If these issues really strike at your core, like they do at mine, then hold your head up high , becuase you know better.
You know better that there must be a better way for the world. You can make the changes within youself. You can stop playing other peoples games, like a pawn on a chessboard and start playing your own, start dancing your own dance to your own song.
Feel the spirit within yourself.

These are not empty words. I am currently writng a book about a number of spiritual exercises and truths that will enable people to start to become authentic spiritual warriors, healers, teachers and participants in the great dance of life. I am also going to post heaps of this info on the site. I too will share my experiences with these exercises and ideas, to show how they can personally be intergrated into your life.

Lets see if we can reconnect with the real you, on your own terms. To be able to consistantly tell the truth to yourself and feel good about it, to feel empowered. Not in some macho, bullshit, Tony Robbins style "I can do anything" sales seminar kind of way. I mean the empowerment that those who have become free of the illusions and know themselves and the spirit fully.