Thursday, July 06, 2006

All I can write is the truth

Hi All,

I know that after two months break there probably arent many truth seekers left out there that are checking this page, so lets start building this crazy thing up one more time.

I have pondered such things over the last two month as the real nature of spiritual truth, the future of man, peak oil, purpose, the way people live, the nature of divinity, morality, the "other", spiritual writing, spiritual truth, teachers, learnings and generally what I am doing with my life.

These are all illusions on one level, on the other level they are as true a concept as you will ever find, especially when they come up and tap you on the shoulder and start to crawl around in your mind day after day, night after sleepless night.

I also note that a couple of other good spiritual blogs have stopped putting content out there in the last few months, a whole group of people that were really cranking out some great work. These things come in cycles, I hope that my new words will find open ears and open hearts.