Thursday, July 13, 2006

Acceptence of YOUR path

What is the need for dogma, what is the need for following in the footsteps of another. I am sure that you spent most of your formative years and adult years following the directions and instructions of those that you thought wiser or in a place of authority. There is no truth other then the one that you live, the one that you create for yourself. Trying to follow the way of another is the path to more suffering, to entrapment, to walking away from the path. You are the path, the only moment is now, so you are the creator of the path. All truths are personal at best.

Do not follow another blindly, do not perform an activity for the sake of spirituality unless it rings true to your heart, and you have criticaly examined the intentions of what you wish to get out of it. Otherwise it is just like going to church on sunday out of habit. You learn nothing, you resent it.

Which brings me to one of the dogmatic teaching styles that you might encounter as you continue your spiritual journey. You may hear or read someone say "You must learn to love the 6am, sitting in the snow drinking your own urine practice as if it were a joy, then you are trully hapy" and you think to yourself. Okay, well this guy has found this to a joy, and he says that he is enlightened so therefore I must try this. So you do, you get up everymorning and sit in the snow in the nude, and do the whole thing. And somedays its okay, and somedays you hate it. And then you begin to stress about it... how can i everbecome enlightenee if I dont love this. I have to follow everything the guru has done to reach enlightenment, so surely i must do this... oh yeah and he also told me that I have to love it as well.. And a negative feedback loop is created. The more you do it the more you are supposed to like, but in reality you hate and resent it more and more. This will continue for a time until something in you cracks, and you abandon this practice for the next thing, the teaching of the next guru. So you have thrown out the entire teachings of the guru (which may be a good or a bad thing) and moved onto the next set of dogma.

Do not put yourself into a worry/guilt/sin cycle over your spiritual practice. You do what works well for you, if it does not work well for you then it is not for you. Society is great at trying to put us square, star shaped and oval shapes into round holes. Dont do it to yourself as well.. As I am fond to say, you are you, and thank the universe for that. The last thing we need is one more clone going around expounding other peoples words and blindly following their actions.