Monday, April 10, 2006

The Moment

Every moment in eternity has culminated in now. This moment is the apex of forever.

The now is all that there ever is.

What has passed has built reality to this point, there is no changing it.

Do not dwell on it, take the lessons but release any feeling at all of control over past events.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

True Teacher

Spirituality is all about the search for happiness and meaning. Everyone wants to be happy, and everyone wants to know that what we are doing here serves some purpose.

Religion uses the spiritual longing as the carrot. Then places you under its control structure.
Why would a religion want you to be enlightened? Then you would not need them anymore.
Better to keep you in the dark, wandering around, searching for a light.

The mark of a true spiritual teacher is one that gives the student clear directions to the exit whenever they ask for them, and the tools to accomplish their goals without expecting anything in return. A true spiritual teacher is a true friend, an unconditional relationship.

Once it becomes in anyway about power or authoritarian dynamics, or money for that matter then you know that you are being had.

Intelligent Connected Conversation

The most valuable thing in the world is the ability to have an intelligent conversation with another person where some kind of real connection is made.

Nothing replenishes the human spirit quite like it.

Too bad it is one of the rarest things to find.

Simple Truths

- You are a work in progress. The thought of ever reaching the end of the journey and arriving should be given great thought.

- Even though many people try to escape it, accept the fact that this is the reality we live in.

- There is no truth that cant be told to you in one minute. That being said most truths sound better when placed in the form of stories.

- Everything is a fractal. Time, matter, history, society, nature. Fractals are everywhere. As above so below.

- Dont allow yourself to be too caught up in the idea of mystery. Sure the mind needs it for stimulation and excitement, but don't let the mystery holder enslave a part of you to reveal the secret. Beware the price that you have to pay.