Tuesday, March 28, 2006

You and your Operating System

(And nondual reality let his inner nerd out for a short run around )

You are a combination of hardware and software. Hardware is your body and your brain, even your rudimentary animal behaviors. Software is cultural and learnt behavoirs, beliefs and knowledge that sits in the hardware and tells it what to do.

Pretty straight forward, everyone reading this would have thought of this analogy before I am sure.

So why do we allow our software to be corrupted so easily? Why do we let a 1000 hackers work on our core operating system, installing virus's (marketing, advertising, conditioning, responsibilites, government), recoding large portions (schools, jobs, society) or just causing mayhem.

Think of enlightenment as your own personel firewall. Think of it as the reboot button. Think of it as a defrag and a format.