Friday, March 24, 2006

Its always right in front of your eyes

I was reading Staceys excellent blog today and came across an excellent post on Mudane life

It struck a synchronistic chord with me, as for the last few months I have been stuck in a bit of an rut, wanting to break out of my "everyday boring life" and "experience something more." I came to realise that I could not really define that something more, and meditating on this thought I came to the following conclusion

Every waking moment is part of a continuos dialogue with the universe. You talk to it through your thoughts and actions, and it talks to your through the events in your life, the words and actions of others. Everything is a wake up call, a question, an answer in front of your eyes.

It is this exact thought that has brought me back to blogging from this long period of introspection.

The greater truths are shown to us in the mundane events of the everyday.

BUT - be also aware that 99% of what we see are lies and falsehoods. Its all an illusion (and in quite a real sense i have discovered)