Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Its all about YOU today : )

Do not repress the you in all of this. You are the unique spark of creation, a one off, the work of some mad genius.
You are the reason that conciousness exists. Do not fear yourself, do not fear your personality. Do not fear at all. Fear is the cause of your suffering. Not Ego, Not something that is wrong with you. Fear. That is all.

Do not homogenise yourself with the masses. I can say with 100% conviction that 99.9% of the population are enslaved within prisons of their own design. Enlightenment is not you losing the spark of you. It is losing all of the other stuff that is not you.
The conditioning, the fear, the pavlovian responses, the self inflicted pains, the worries about the future, the regrets about the past.
Question it all, get rid of it. You dont need it. No one has ever needed any of this. These are control structures instilled in you by those in authority. I repeat, you do not need them.

Enlightenment isn't about reaching some esoteric reality, and leaving your earthly body behind. Not at all. It is about waking up to the here and now, vibrant and buzzing and writhing and living all around you.

The enlightenment I speak of is not just spiritual. It is of the material plane, it is phylosophical, metaphysical, primal, real,metaphorical, allegorical, everlasting.
It is love, it is eternal bliss, it is a million other good things that people have been trying to sell you since you started your own search for the light. You dont need permission to take it, you dont need me to say that you have it. You will know it when you have it.