Friday, March 24, 2006

The About Section

I just had a look over at the ABOUT section to the right of this post, and it reminded me of the original intention of this blog, what I wanted it to say. I think my time away from the blog for the past few months has concentrated on getting the right answers to the right questions. The questions that matter.

I have been hit with an absolute avalanch of ideas, a thunderstorm of concepts, a desert morning of clarity. The past 3 months, no dare i say it, the last 12 years of intense spiritual and philosophical search have come to some sort of creshendo of understanding. Some kind of post enlightenment reckoning, the big A-ha! Now my only problem is to try to get these concepts down to paper (or blog as it may be) in some sort of readible coherent format.

There are no new ideas under the sun, all of this has been around forever. Its how that we put the peices together and creat a working map (or have it created for us as the majority of people do) that is the real interesting part.