Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sorry for the loss of words - And this rant.

Hi All,

Sorry about the break in blogging from myself but it seems as If I have been at a loss for words over the last week.

I feel that I am walking the last steps of a very long road and walking towards.. well walking towards nothing. The whole idea of enlightenment seems to have dissapeared in a big puff of smoke. The wizard is just a little guy behind a curtain. Look at the Emporers fancy new clothes.

Not that I dont feel spiritual, or connected(disconnected), or even appreciative of the cosmic whole. I think the words of Jed Mckenna are finally starting to really sink in.
Enlightenment is this term that is thrown around, but no-one really knows what it is.
Is it a state of mind, is it a feeling, is it a place? Is it all of them? People go through dark nights of the soul searching for this thing that may or may not exist, or even if they attain it will they know that they are there?
(I dont think i have ever written a post with so many ? in it :) )

If you really have a think about it how can you tell that another person is enlightened? The main tennant of my life over the last 6 months has been to question almost everything. Why do we do things this way and not that? Should we not question people who believe they are enlightened and see what makes them different to everyman on the street.

Cool, now I have thought of a heap more posts for the site....