Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What I've Been Up To - Peak Oil

Hi All,

Been a week since i posted so thought I should get back to it. I have been busy for the last week intently reading about the coming peak oil crisis and what it will mean for civilization.
I won't send you to a particular site but go to google and search for "peak oil" and read some of the articles and sites that you find. This will give you a good overview of this problem that will affect each and every person on the planet. Now this may sound a bit alarmist or overly dramatic, but the entire economy of all first world and even third world nations runs on oil, and when the supply of oil begins to hit a peak and decline in relation to demand, then prices will skyrocket and we will see a multitude of problems, most probably leading to life as we know it now changing for everyone. There will be a return to small centralised communities and the requirement for greater self reliance.

I will start throwing more links up, and if anyone is reading this please drop me a mail