Wednesday, October 19, 2005

There is truth all around you - Wisdom to be had

A lot of people on the spiritual path get confused with the notion of truth. Before, during and after my enlightenment I had almost done away with the concept of truth.
The only concept I could grasp after going through it all is "there is no truth"

Before my enlightenment I studied every major (and minor) spiritual, philosophical and mystical tradition I could find. For about 6 years I studied every book I could get my hands on, tried to contact as many other people as I could who were on the path and meditated.

During my enlightenment, as i broke down each concept searching for the core truth I came to the realization that there was nothing to hold on to. I am not my body, i am not my mind. It is all an illusion. Everyhing part of the connected whole.The only truth is the realization that all is one. There is no begining and there certainly is no end. Enlightenment is not a state of divine bliss, it is a divine state of bliss. (I just love throwing out those contradictory statements, the more you look into spirituality the more truth you will see within them)

Now after my enlightenment I come to see that although the truth that most people seek is in essence unknowable, there is a lot to be said for spiritual wisdom.

Now going back and starting to read over the texts that before enlightenment where a confusing mismash, each one conflicting with the other, each one leading me further from the truth, I now see that a majority of spiritual writing, and that goes from your proto magick pagan stuff, to the bible, to some guys blog who likes to meditate a bit all contain elements of "truth", elements that ring true within this reality. Truths within the illusion.

So all I can say is dont limit yourself to just buddhism, or just studying the bhagvad gita, or just doing yoga, or just meditating twice per day. Get out there, look for the truth contained in it all and put the puzzle together for yourself (or more truthfully to say, PULL IT APART).
Dont get caught in the dogma, the ritual. Be a keen observer and mine for the peices that ring true to you from within.

From time to time in the future of this blog i will put forward these tidbits of wisdom (as I see them) and my comment why i think it is so.