Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Seekers - Disillusionment

All over the world there are people searching for the answer to THE MYSTERY. What is the mystery? For some it is enlightenment, for some it is nirvana, for some it is a feeling of un-ending ultimate bliss. For others it is UFO's, or ghosts or Bigfoot. For some it is even fame and fortune.

All are seekers after that which they percieve as hidden, as other and seperate from themselves. If this is you, if you are an earnest seeker then ask yourself, When you find what you are looking for will you be happy? Is your happiness and identity tied to the search itself.
Do you want to know the truth no matter what the answer is?
Or have you already decided what the truth is, and are just looking for things to reinforce and strengthen your current worldview / illusion?

When you find what you were looking for, will you be more complete or more lost then ever.