Wednesday, October 26, 2005

People are cool

I really am a people person.... I like everything about people.
I like how everybody has a different point of view on nearly everything. I like how we all have hopes, dreams, fears, desires, fantasies, mysteries, quests.

I like the emotional side of people, the intellectual, the spiritual, even the physical.

People spend all of this time reading books, going to movies etc. to see these marvelous fantastical tales, numb there minds with the same drama's over and over again. But the best story you ever heard in your life might be sitting next to you at work, or on the train, or stuck in a que at the bank. Have you ever really wondered how absolutely amazing each and everyone of us is.

The more spiritual and centered I have become, the only thing that I hold as real and of value is my interaction with other souls.

Thats why I love blogging so much. Its a little window into others lives, and allows them with a window into mine.