Friday, October 21, 2005

The Nature of Mystery

A lot of spiritual traditions state that the absolute is unknowable, and that every word written about it only conveys a very vauge understanding of the actual concept. Basicly the thought that you cant express with words that which is beyond words (or you can express with thought that which is beyond thought).
This is a perfectly understandable and true concept.

However this idea of spiritual mystery has been used as another method of control by those in charge over the masses.

Ideas like :

* There needs to be a conduit between yourself and the absolute because "you just wouldn't understand it, this is special knowledge, this is a sacred mystery"

*That those who express a diffenet idea about the absolute are wrong. (how can anyones conception about an unknowable subject be correct). This includes that from other "religions" and within their own.

* Burying simple truths under a pile of dogma, ritual and confusing texts. I site occultism as the obvious here (every tried to read crowley? some good stuff heaped in with a lot of garbage. Most major religions are only 1 step better.

Why do people project seperateness while preaching unity?