Saturday, October 15, 2005

Its All around us and within us - Just Be

The true nature of reality is expressed all around you. It is expressed, quite eloquently sometimes in the words of popular songs, themes of popular movies, the way that people interact with you and live their lives. People cant help BUT express it. ] Your job, your family, your social group, your car, your mortgage even are all expressions of the true nature or reality. You just dont realise it.
Everything is a lesson, everything is an adventure. And everything is as it should be.
All it takes is the ability to slow down, to change your perspective and see the events of your life in a new light.
You are already enlightened, you are already free. You just have to realise it.

For all of the average persons idealistic strivings and anxious worrying there is only one thing to hold on to.. that what is. How could it be any other way. There is no other spiritual dimension or perfected shangri la. This is what we have, and for the normal person when confronted with this they are either extremely frightened or extremely liberated. They spend 98% of their time trying to avoid this very notion. They live in idealised fantasy's and self made prisons chasing things that they assume will make them happy. They cling to what they know, what they have, what the possess and they will do anything to get more.
They condemn what is different from themselves and they identify and place labels on everyting. This is better then that, that belief is more right then the other.

But everything is just the way it is, it can not be any other way