Friday, October 07, 2005

books that you should read

Human civilization is in quite a sorry state. Peak oil is approaching, the environment is in dire trouble and society is full of depressed people going through the motions.
When all this is happening you need to emancipate your thinking from the constant bombardment of lies that is designed to keep you sleepwalking with your shoulder to the grindstone.

Here are a couple of books to read to get you started.

The first is called Ishmael, by Author Daniel Quinn. I recommed you read this to get an overview of what civilized man is all about and break you free of some of the illusion that we are making "progess"

The second recommended read is Jed Mckenna : Spiritualy Incorrect Enlightement.
There is another way that civilized man is put under control. Read this book to find out what it is. Start the begining of the end in your search for fullfilment and start to see the truth for yourself.

All I can say of these two books is that they are mind blowingly thought provoking and I think aproach the same problem from different angles.