Thursday, September 22, 2005

Welcome to the great adventure

Hi All,

Welcome to the my new blog and hopefully the start of a permanent pressence in the blogosphere.
I want to share with you my thoughts, impressions and theories on the wide range of topics that I find interesting and important. These range from the environment, globalisation, the state of society, metaphysics, philosophy, music and the arts. There is a lot of fresh new exciting stuff going on out there in the big wide world everyday, and sometimes its good to sit back and look at that great new book that was released, or that important event in the news that the media only gleamed over, or the important social theory that was only given 10cm of column space at the back of the tabloid newspaper.

I feel that life is a great adventure, and that although society and civilization has made(and is making) some grand mistakes, the future of humanity is bright as long as people are free to think and experiment with new modes and models of doing things.

Thanks for now.. heaps more to come soon.

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