Thursday, September 22, 2005

great resource for grassroots media

Just found this great site today for the hosting of grassroots media.
Its called Ourmedia and it can be found

Its linked in with the creative commons organisation, which is promoting a more flexible form of copyright that is more flexible for both artists and consumers alike. I will write a lot more about the creative commons in the near future.

Ourmedia is offering free hosting for people to put their creative commons material on the web.
This can be videos, audio files, photos, text or software. It is forever and there are no catches.

Check the site out and you can register from this link Register now.

Its great to see things like this start to take off. This is the begining of the future you know, the personel media revolution. Participatory culture

The lines between producer and consumer are blurring everyday.
There all of these incredibly talented people out there trying ot get their message across, and it is great to see somewhere that will act as an open central repository for ths material
There is a great interview with one of the founders of Ourmedia here

And this is what the creative commons license is helping to promote.

It is different between different levels of creative commons license (you can check them out here)but they give power to the consumer and the creator of content. Here is a link to a presentation that details creative commons rights

If you like a peice of music and it was givern to you under creative commons, pass it on. If you like it even more use it in your next remix, or as the soundtrack in your new movie.
The only catch is that the derivitive peice is also then tied to the creative commons license, so that people can then perform the same kinds of operations from your derived media.
Sounds like media Utopia to me :)