Monday, September 26, 2005

Meditation - some of the best things are free.

Hi All,

Monday yet again and the cycle of the working week begins once more. One of the most beneficial things that I have found that to get myself through the grind of IT work is meditation. The ability to look inside onself, to still the crazy machine that is your mind and sit in silence has to be experienced to be believed. Only when you turn the mind in on itself can do you begin to see how out of control your "mind" is, how much noisy chatter it endlessly goes on with. You also begin to see how much tension you carry around in your body for no apparent reason.

I have been meditating seriously again for the past couple of months after a 5 month period where I stopped. The benefits have been felt straight away. I am able to concentrate a lot better and don't stress about much at all. In 5 minutes have myself centered, have everything in its true perspective and have a feeling of deep relaxation.. Not bad for something that is a) free and b) easy to do. I have meditated on and off for periods over the last 8 or 9 years going for months at a time of good practice, then getting drawn back into the world of work and school and bills etc. and making excuses of "not having enough time." Gradually at first and then I find that I havn't meditated in a week. Oh well I suppose it all has its purpose in the larger scheme of things.

If you want to get into meditating I can definately recommend the course at as a wonderfull introduction to the practice of mediation.

Until Tommorow


Friday, September 23, 2005

Its all about the TRUTH

Hi all,

What a great day I'm having.. car broke down on the way to work, pile of stuff on my desk when I got here... oh well whats a man to do but get on with it. Im still looking at making the transition from wage slave to entreperenuer in the near future but the dream is still a way off.

What I would like to talk to you about today is the truth. There is an old saying that the truth will set you free, and this one of the things that I truly believe. That when you get to the truth of a matter, behind the bullshit, and the spin abd the agendas of all parties concerned, you begin to see the picture as it really is.

This sounds simple and commonsense, but a vast majority of what see and do everyday is pointing us away from truth and towards illusion.

If you open your eyes and look for yourself you will see that things dont have to be the way they are just becuase "Thats the way that things have always been done" or even " that the bible says that this is the way".

Cast a skeptical eye over all around you becuase nearly everything your told on the street, everything you see on the TV, everything you read in the newspaper or even saw in a movie is designed to work for somebody else's agenda. Theres always something in it for someone if you follow the line that they are trying to sell you.

What I want to do with this blog is start pointing to some of these truths



Thursday, September 22, 2005

great resource for grassroots media

Just found this great site today for the hosting of grassroots media.
Its called Ourmedia and it can be found

Its linked in with the creative commons organisation, which is promoting a more flexible form of copyright that is more flexible for both artists and consumers alike. I will write a lot more about the creative commons in the near future.

Ourmedia is offering free hosting for people to put their creative commons material on the web.
This can be videos, audio files, photos, text or software. It is forever and there are no catches.

Check the site out and you can register from this link Register now.

Its great to see things like this start to take off. This is the begining of the future you know, the personel media revolution. Participatory culture

The lines between producer and consumer are blurring everyday.
There all of these incredibly talented people out there trying ot get their message across, and it is great to see somewhere that will act as an open central repository for ths material
There is a great interview with one of the founders of Ourmedia here

And this is what the creative commons license is helping to promote.

It is different between different levels of creative commons license (you can check them out here)but they give power to the consumer and the creator of content. Here is a link to a presentation that details creative commons rights

If you like a peice of music and it was givern to you under creative commons, pass it on. If you like it even more use it in your next remix, or as the soundtrack in your new movie.
The only catch is that the derivitive peice is also then tied to the creative commons license, so that people can then perform the same kinds of operations from your derived media.
Sounds like media Utopia to me :)

Welcome to the great adventure

Hi All,

Welcome to the my new blog and hopefully the start of a permanent pressence in the blogosphere.
I want to share with you my thoughts, impressions and theories on the wide range of topics that I find interesting and important. These range from the environment, globalisation, the state of society, metaphysics, philosophy, music and the arts. There is a lot of fresh new exciting stuff going on out there in the big wide world everyday, and sometimes its good to sit back and look at that great new book that was released, or that important event in the news that the media only gleamed over, or the important social theory that was only given 10cm of column space at the back of the tabloid newspaper.

I feel that life is a great adventure, and that although society and civilization has made(and is making) some grand mistakes, the future of humanity is bright as long as people are free to think and experiment with new modes and models of doing things.

Thanks for now.. heaps more to come soon.

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